Jafar Irshaidat
Founder / Project Rahma

For years, I sought to understand the causes of the human problem. In a world plagued by unending war, corporate greed, poverty, environmental devastation, racism, sexism, social malaise and countless other problems, I struggled to understand our inability to bring about lasting positive transformation on a global scale. More than a decade ago, I had an epiphany — one that I later learned was experienced by many of the most remarkable figures in history. I realized that our most destructive tendencies stem from a far simpler and unremarkable cause: our food.

I have created Project Rahma in an effort to help spread this essential message to the public, and to join the global network of activists who are attempting to do the same. My hope is to help others understand the far-reaching consequences of enslaving and killing animals for food, which I believe is the most important step in our struggle to achieve world peace and social harmony.

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